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What is Sempa Global?

It is the Sempa Global business Partnership System created by the market created by the product and production volume developed since 1972, as a result of the widespread use of the world. This system covers all countries of the world, but includes all small, medium and large investors. Sempa, which has the widest and most extensive network in pump technologies that constantly change and develop in the world, has launched Sempa Global as the sharing system of the market volume resulting from innovation and continuity. Sempa Global creates opportunities for the development of the sales network of all the business partners that it includes in its network and for keeping the country and region-wide after-sales services at the highest level.


What is Sempa Service Team?

Sempa service team is the Sempa service support system that operates the after-sales service policy determined by countries. All businesses wishing to join the Sempa Pompa service network can initiate a transaction by submitting a pre-application form. If the application is accepted, it is subjected to training and examination on our “technical, competence, communication and brand culture” principles within the scope of Sempa service management system. Applicant businesses that have reached the qualification level determined by the Sempa service management system join the Sempa service network.


How does Service Network works?

The Sempa service support network is managed by Sempa Cloud. Providing secure service is operated with the Sempa Cloud platform as the most important principle. Our Services are provided to process all their data within the scope of Sempa Cloud. Completing all kinds of service support requests before the consumer and focusing on customer satisfaction are the main conditions. For this reason, service services are carried out depending on the system. Our system of service support services, separated by regions and preventing unfair competition, has analytical data processing capabilities. Service scoring system is among the Sempa Cloud capabilities. 


How Do You Support the Service Network?

Sempa follows all its technical services according to annual scoring. The services that provide the best service are awarded, with periods of 6 and 12 months. Training conferences are organized every year in order to update the knowledge of our service teams and improve their skills. At the same time, the top three companies that provide the best service are selected and announced each year. By supporting our services with brand communications in their regions, we develop customer-oriented solutions.


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