Service Support Policy

Consumer Oriented Solutions


The main goal of Sempa Service Garage, which is the customer-oriented working principle of Sempa Service Garage and brought to our service teams, is to determine, perceive, perceive solutions and present the fastest uninterrupted needs of all our corporate and individual customers.

Our Service Support Policy is one of our strong policies, which ensures that all customers we serve, regardless of their requests and suggestions, and that we continuously improve our after-sales services.

Our Service Support garage, which we continuously increase its investment as a solution center for our after-sales services, has the ability to constantly control customer and product relations. Within the scope of our Service Support policy, we manage all of our products, which are sold, thanks to our service network celled to countries across the world. We support conscious consumer coverage and measure all of our after-sales services within the scope of service quality.

Sempa Pump users benefit from our Service Support services offered by our online and quick solution center. We collect, parse and program our customers’ communication with their Service Support Services in a single center. Thanks to our Service Support system, which is watched live by our entire service network, we are working to provide the fastest solution by monitoring the satisfaction of our customers.

Sempa online Service Support Services are subject to the main article of sustainability determined within the scope of our Quality Policy. We are working and developing to be a team that always produces solutions, is fast, not misleading, offers real value products and services, and monitors its customers and products. In this context, your opinions and suggestions are very important to us. If you wish, you can share your opinions and suggestions with us and support us for more beautiful and safe tomorrows.