FRWM pumps

End Suction Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

Operation Range
– Discharge Flange : DN 32 – DN 250
– single stage
– Capacity : up to 2200 m3/hr
– Head : up to 140 m
– Temperature liquid : up to 140°C
– Working Pressure: Max. 16 bar

– Water treatment
– Low viscosity petroleum liquids
– Heating, ventilating and air conditioning
– Swimming pools
– Agricultural irrigation and industry
– Food and beverage industry
– Iron and steel industry
– Building system
– Power plants
– Oil industry
– Chemical industry
– Mining
– Fire fighting

– FRWM series used for pumping clean water or liquids (with characteristics similar to water)
– For a pump of same model, the performance can be varied by trimming the outer diameter of the impeller
– All Impellers are statically and dynamically balancing
– Pump and motor is connecting by coupling
– Direction of rotation is clockwise seen from driven end

– Casing : cast iron standard, optional ductile iron or stainless steel
– Impeller : cast iron standard, optional bronze, ductile iron or stainless steel
– Shaft : stainless steel 420 standard, optional 304 or 316
– Shaft seal : gland packing standard, optional mechanical seal

Up request material stainless steel, bronze or ductile cast iron



-Power Plants
-Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage
-Oil Industry
-Building System
-Water Treatment and Pressurization
-Chemial Industry
-Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
-Fire Fighting
-Food and Beverage Industry
-Iron and Steel Indusrty