SP Series Booster Pumps

Flow Rate : 56 m³/h
Pressure : 150 m
Frequency : Three-phase 50 Hz – 60 Hz*
Fluid Temperature : From 0  ˚C to + 60  ˚C
Maximum Body Pressure : 10 bar (16 bar)


-SP Series boosters are designed for pressing non-corrosive liquids without large solid particles.
-Impeller material is glass fiber reinforced noryl.
-Vertical pumps with closed impeller can able to be separated.
-Balancing holes of the impellers are dynamically balanced and minimizes axial loads.
-Cylindrical roller bearings that are resistant to high temperatures and can operate under heavy conditions are used at both ends of the pump.
-The discharge flange of the pump is on the motor side and the suction flange is below.
-With its vertical shaft structure, it occupies less space than horizontal shaft design.
-Boosters are manufactured with horizontal or vertical pumps.
-It can be produced as single, double and triple pumps according to the desired flow rate. Up to 6 pumps can be set if needed.
-Single pump booster has phase protection and sequencing relay (FKS).
-It is available water level float (electric float) in single pump systems.
-Multiple sets, phase control in multiple pump boosters and liquid level control are standard features.
-Pressure boosters can be frequency controlled upon request It can be manufactured with variable speed.
-Boosters it can work automatically and manually in two different modes.


-Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage
-Building System
-Water Treatment and Pressurization
-Chemial Industry
-Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
-Food and Beverage Industry
-Iron and Steel Indusrty