TKF Series Single Stage End Suction Pumps

Discharge Flange : DN 32 – DN 250
Capacity : 1700 m³/h
Head : 100 m
Frequency : Three-phase 50 Hz – 60 Hz*
Temperature of Pumped Liquid : From -25 ˚C to+140 ˚C
Maximum Operating Pressure : 10 bar (16 bar)*


-TKF series pumps have designed for pumping non-abrasive and small particulars liquids.
-TKF series pump has just one impeller, pump and motor is connecting by coupling. It gives your advantages for easy disassembling.
-Pump Dimensions are according to EN 733 – DIN 24255 standard.
-Suction and discharge flanges according to EN 1092-2 / PN 16.
-TKF series have a closed impeller, impeller blades located between the balancing holes to minimize the axial load is taken in dynamic load balancing.
-Sealing is provided by gland packing. Sealing is provided by also mechanical seal as customer request.
-Easy disassembly to pump and change impeller, bearings, and seals.
-All impellers are statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 class 6.3.
-In addition to 29 models, 10 complementary models are designed in according to EN 733 standards. The main dimensions of complementary models may different from other manufacturers.
-Direction of rotation is clockwise viewed from the driver end.
-Optionally, pumps can be manufactured with shaft bushings and/or wear rings.


-Power Plants
-Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage
-Oil Industry
-Building System
-Water Treatment and Pressurization
-Chemial Industry
-Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
-Fire Fighting
-Food and Beverage Industry
-Iron and Steel Indusrty